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A few professionals have kindly offered their time free of cost during the current crisis. Please browse the directory to book your free online counseling sessions.

Please note: Sessions have been capped at 30 minutes per slot to offer everyone the opportunity to access these free online counseling sessions. In order to optimize on each session and to help the practitioner prep ahead of time, we recommend that you fill out the following short online form.

In order for therapy to be successful, we recommend the following guidelines:
1. Bring all of your emotions into your sessions. Your tears, your anger, your fear, your shame, and your joy. Do your best to not hold back.
2. Try to keep the focus on yourself. It certainly feels good to be able to blow off steam about what others have done wrong, however its best to keep the focus on how it made you feel.
3. Be very curious about why you are the way you are, and don’t judge yourself for what you find out.
4. Use your challenges—even the small ones—as opportunities for growth. Once you know what your triggers are, welcome these situations as opportunities to respond differently.
5. Be committed to the process. Therapy is not a one-off fix, it requires several sessions for you to feel the impact and start seeing results.


Kalyana has exercised due diligence and utmost precaution in vetting practitioners featured in our directory. In order to be featured in our directory, each mental health professional was screened on a set of stringent criteria, including academic qualifications, years of experience, practice experience in Sri Lanka, and adherence to applicable codes of ethics. Kalyana does not take responsibility for any interactions that take place between a client and a practitioner. All practitioners listed in our directory are independent of Kalyana. No monetary arrangement exists between Kalyana and these individuals. The list of mental health practitioners in Sri Lanka featured in our directory is by no means comprehensive.