As we all know, the last two years have proven to be incredibly difficult for many people. While we still grapple to return back to some form of normalcy and navigate through mental exhaustion, anxiety, uncertainty and stress — We at Kalyana feel it would be an ideal time for a Mental Health RESET!

RESET 2022 is a holistic wellness fair that will take place on Saturday, 22nd of January. Join us, as together we explore a range of wellness programs, talk about mental well-being, and relaxation techniques that aid in enhancing our holistic well being.

We will have numerous wellness experts showcase and speak on a range of wellness modalities such as Mindfulness, Yoga, Art therapy, Drama Therapy, Dance Therapy, Music, Fitness, Talk therapy, etc., and the benefits they can bring to one’s life.

Due to Covid protocols, we are kindly requesting that you pre-register ahead of time to ensure you have a spot at one of the many free sessions.

RESET 2022: The Day at a Glance

Guided Sessions by Wellness Experts:

Participate in a range of sessions for mind, body and soul rejuvenation. Under the expert guidance of our Wellness Gurus, we will explore various modalities for the betterment of our emotional and mental well-being helping us re-align and navigate a new norm. Check out our AMAZING lineup for the day below, with renowned experts in their respective fields.

Feature Session: Unlocking Love; Mars And Venus in Conversation:

The day will also feature a FREE session on Unlocking Love; Mars And Venus in Conversation; a FREE session facilitated by Shanelle De Almeida, Clinical Psychologist and Group Wellness Manager of Hemas Holdings to discover how men and women view love, relationships, and intimacy, and commitment. In an age where we are more connected to each other than ever before through social media, we also seem to be more disconnected as we navigate our lives through a screen. Where has the romance gone? How do you effectively communicate your needs in a relationship? How do you identify a toxic relationship? How do you set healthy boundaries? Join our conversation to learn!

Interactive Talks:

Listen to our panellists talk about dance and art as a form of therapy and the science of yoga and its benefits!

Sleepy Teepees

Enjoy deep sleep and explore healthy sleep routines in our unique first of kind here in Sri Lanka: sleep teepees!


9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Hatha Yoga with Shobana Cooke :
| Align | Adjust | Accommodate

Guided Movement & Dance Meditation with Umeshi from MeshGround
| LKR 500 per person

Counselling Session by Dr. Dewaka, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
(9-11 AM)
Donation Basis

10:00 AM – 11:15 AM

Bollywood Fitness with Jay
| LKR 750 per person

Mindfulness & Meditation to navigate through uncertain times with Nadira

11:30 AM – 12:15 PM

Workout with Thanura from TASS
| LKR 750 per person

Fostering Mental Wellness Through Physical Fitness by Mihiri Korala

Counselling Session by Suvendrini Thambar, Counselor and Psycho-Therapist (11 AM to 1 PM)
Donation Basis

12:30 pm – 1:15 pm Lunch break

Talk: Eating Well For Mental Well Being With Kadheeja

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Gong Bath Meditation with Fiona Raymond
| LKR 750 per person

Color My Life – Art to Relax, Unwind & De-Stress, Art Therapy with Shimali Perera
| LKR 1,250 (including cost of supplies)

Drama Therapy Workshop with Tehani Chitty
| LKR 1000 per person

Counselling Session by Peshali Fernando (1:00 PM to 3:00 PM)
Donation Basis

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Zumba With Dee
| LKR 750 per person

Yoga, the secret to better overall health? by Rekha Krishnamoorthy

Counselling Session by Dr. Theonie Anthonisz
Donation Basis

4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Unlocking Love: In Conversation with Mars and Venus Facilitated by Shanelle de Almeida, Clinical Psychologist, Group Wellness Manager of Hemas Holdings & Dr. Dewaka Wanigaratne, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Acoustics Performance

Meet the Practictioners

Hatha Yoga – Adjust | Align | Accommodate
9:00am -10:00am

Shobana Cooke

Homoeopathic Consultant at Shobana Cooke & Wellness

Shobana is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and Yogic Lifestyle Counselor. She has been practising Yoga since 1998. She is also a classical Homeopath, Pranic Healer, and Tarot Card Reader.

We invite you to experience the healing and transformative well-being techniques of YOGA with Shobhana. In this session, she will share her favourite go-to Yogic and Wellbeing tools to face the challenges of today with confidence and a heart full of love to serve ourselves and our loved ones.

Shobhana has curated a special session for all of us to rest, re-align and remind ourselves to take one day at a time as we collectively heal from the last two years and navigate a new norm and era. ❤️

Join Shobana for her healing Hatha Yoga session at RESET 2022.

Guided Movement & Dance Meditation from MeshGround 
09:00-09:30A.M | Ages 11+ | LKR 500/person

Umeshi Rajeendra

Dance Artist, Movement Coach and Choreographer 

Umeshi is a dance artist, Lecturer, and movement educator. Currently a Lecturer at the University of Peradeniya and a Dance Educator at Asian International School,  Umeshi received her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Dance at the University of the Arts, USA, where she was one of the recipients of the President’s Fund for Excellence, and Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Dance from Denison University, USA. 

Umeshi is the co-founder of MeshGround, a platform for movement arts – here to empower children and adults alike through movement art practices.

Umeshi thinks with her body and through the active state of embodying. This is because for her dance/movement is the most direct route to the truth of oneself, in her research and experience — a truth that dives into what’s-happening-in-me-right-now kind of truth. This is because our bodies are our primary instruments with which we absorb, understand, refine, and create, combining the physical with mental thinking that makes dance not only possible but powerful.

This workshop will be an introduction to guided movement and dance practices to help you develop tools to understand your personal relationship with breath, rhythm, space, and energy, uncovering the power of movement within you.

Join Umeshi’s experiential dance workshop at RESET 2022!

Bollywood Fitness With Jay
10:30-11:15 AM | LKR 750/person

Dance Instructor

Jay began her initiative “Bollywood fitness with Jay” in 2017. It is a modern method of keeping fit that includes a comprehensive dance routine. Mainly catered to ladies who enjoy their workout with a dance routine to all Bollywood music. There are multiple techniques that have been developed to ensure individuals are able to keep fit in consideration of their busy work schedules. dance routines are choreographed especially focusing on a full-body workout that strengthens, tones, and burns fat in all the right places. Jay works as a Project Manager at an IT company and believes dancing spreads happiness with an equal dose of working out.

Join Jay’s Fun Bollywood Fitness Routine at RESET 2022!

Mindfulness Meditation to Navigate Uncertain Times 10:30-11:15 AM | LKR 750/person

Nadira De Silva

Yoga & Meditation Teacher & Founder of Anantaya Yoga and Wellness

Nadira de Silva is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga through accessible healing-centred movement and mindfulness programs. Her sessions are tailored to manage symptoms of stress and anxiety. Nadira hopes to dispel these misconceptions surrounding mindfulness to make the practice of mindfulness accessible for anyone needing a bit more clarity.

Join Nadira’s workshop will be about taking time to pause and reflect; looking at practices through breathing, visualisation and sound to be comfortable in stillness.

Workout with Thanura from TASS
11:30-12:15 PM | LKR 750/person

Thanura Abeywardena

Exercise & Sports Scientist & Founder/MD of TASS

An Exercise Scientist by profession with over 15 years of experience in High-performance sports training, Recreational exercise training and health Management and Corporates wellness and stress management. Thanura is also a competitive athlete with over 10 years of national and international sports representation in water polo and swimming. 

Join Thanura’s Fitness and HIIT session at RESET 2022!

Fostering Mental Wellness through Physical Fitness
11:30-12:15 PM |

Mihiri Korala

Marketing Consultant and ISSA Qualified Group Fitness Instructor 

ISSA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Qualified Group Fitness Instructor in Circuit, Strength classes, Dance fitness classes, Box fitness classes, Crossfitter, Swimmer, Runner, a Sports boxing enthusiast, Scuba Diver, Outdoor Adventurer. Mihiri is also a Director at the Child Protection Force and a Marketing Consultant.

In this session, Mihiri will explore the relationship between psychology and physical fitness. She will begin with an intro on how fitness can assist in mental well being and how we can all adopt an active lifestyle in today’s times. She will introduce you to dynamic stretches and the importance of basic human movements – and how to perform them properly to reduce injury in day to day life and sports, as well as workouts that can be done at home.

Here is an opportunity to engage with Mihiri first hand, get your questions answered, explore routines that might suit you and help you kick start a fitness habit.

Engage with Mihiri’s for during her session on Fostering Mental Wellness through Physical Fitness” only at RESET 2022!

Eating Well for Mental Well-Being
12:30-1:00 PM |

Kadheeja Wahid 

Accredited Practicing Dietician (APD) and SLMC Registered Nutritionist 

A graduate from Monash University, Kadheeja has experience in clinical, food service, public and research settings. Kadheeja is passionate about helping individuals optimize their health and wellbeing through food. She is the Founder and Dietician at Everyday Nutrition and works as a Dietician and Nutritionist at Vida Medical Clinic.

Join Kadheeja for her talk on Eating Consciously at RESET, 2022!

Gong Bath Meditation
1:30-2:30pm |
LKR 750/person

Fiona Raymond

Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master

Fiona has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for 19 years and playing Gong for 8 years. She is a Level 1, Level 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher and Lead teacher trainer in the Aquarian Teachers Academy.

Fiona is a healer and Reiki Master and also runs detoxification programs. She currently teaches Kundalini Yoga at Om Space and Prana Lounge in Colombo, and has taught in Ecuador, UK and Sri Lanka. Music and mantra are an essential part of classes. She began learning Hatha yoga at age of 18 but became inspired by Kundalini Yoga and qualified as a teacher in 2003 in Ecuador, South America.

Fiona helps you understand the science behind yoga. Mantra and sound are used as tools to channel Prana and change connections in the limbic centre or rhythm center of the brain, to free you from negative mind patterns. Her philosophy is by understanding the self and learning emotional intelligence a person can free themselves to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Gong meditation is a unique type of sound practice that involves using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to bring about healing. This practice is also sometimes referred to as a “gong bath” because participants are “bathed” in meditation gong sound waves. The goal of “gong meditation” is usually therapeutic, whereas mindfulness meditation has many therapeutic benefits, but its deeper goal is awareness and non-judgmental appreciation of the present moment. Sound therapy has long been used to manage a broad range of health conditions. The treatments are based on the understanding that all forms of matter – including our body’s cells – vibrate at different frequencies. Factors such as stress, depression and disease cause cells and organs within our bodies to vibrate at non-optimal frequencies.

Join Fiona for her Gong Bath Meditation at RESET 2022!

Colour My Life: Art to Relax, Unwind & De-stress – An Experiential Art Session
1:30-2:30 PM | LKR 1,250/person (incl. cost of supplies)

Shimali Perera

Art Therapist 

Shimali Perera is a graduate of Art Therapy from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore and a Registered Art Therapist of ANZACATA. She is also a graduate in Psychology from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, U.S.A.

As an Art Therapist her experience is with adults who are experiencing depression, anxiety disorders and children who have experienced trauma due to physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect, children from single-parent families, and grief.

Shimali has also conducted talks and Art Therapy Experiential workshops for counsellors, doctors, professionals in the co-operate sector, teachers, children, NGOs and the public in both Sri Lanka and overseas.

Healing the mind and working through trauma is always something that is much easier said than done, and different people respond differently to different therapies. One of the more unusual forms of Psychotherapy is Art Therapy – where art is used as a medium of communication and expression when words are insufficient.

This will be an Art Experiential Workshop where you will experience a taste of what Art Therapy is all about. You are not required to have any background knowledge in art, only an openness to trust the process, relax, and enjoy. You will be guided through a variety of art activities that also gives you the much needed “Me-Time” to reflect and ponder with as well. As you join us for this session, keep in mind that ‘Ugly is Beautiful’ and ‘Messes Are Welcome’.

Join Shimali’s “Colour My Life” Art Therapy workshop at RESET 2022!

Drama Therapy Workshop
1:30-3:30 PM | LKR 1,000/person

Tehani Chitty

Drama Therapist

Tehani Chitty is a therapist who provides one-to-one and group counselling sessions for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, adults with anxiety, those who have experienced trauma and at-risk children and youth. She has a MA in Drama and movement therapy from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (UK) and is a member of the British Association of Dramatherapists. From 2018 to 2019 Tehani ran self-compassion groups with women from conflict-affected areas in Sri Lanka. She has worked with children in residential care for 3 years and has co-created the Good Enough Parent Course. Tehani is passionate about supporting people to move into a healthier relationship with themselves, others and the world around them. She uses play, storytelling and enactment, and movement as the medium through which to facilitate this journey.

Movement is a bridge between our inner and outer worlds. It helps us to connect to the wisdom and information that is stored within our bodies so we can learn more about ourselves. It also helps us to process and release what we need to. Research has shown us that we send and receive information between each other and within ourselves from a place below conscious awareness. Movement is one way in which we can access these parts of ourselves and bring that information into consciousness. This process helps us to regulate so we can move into a space where we can respond rather than react.

This is a chance for you to experience a movement session for yourself. It will also be an opportunity for you to bring any questions you might have about drama therapy or the therapeutic process in general. You don’t need to be a dancer to join. Just leave your shoes, wear something comfortable and let your body do the leading.

Join Tehani’s experiential drama therapy workshop at RESET 2022!

Zumba With Dee
3:00-4:00 PM
| LKR 750/ person

Dilani Rajapaksa

Software Engineer and Zumba Instructor

Dee has been a Zumba instructor since 2015. She is qualified in Zumba Basics 1, Zumba Basics 2, Zumba Strong, AFFA Certified GFI(Group Fitness Instructor), First-aid, CPR, and AED certified by St. Johns Ambulance, Qualified TRX Trainer  
Zumba is known as Pretty much the most awesome workout ever. It is a perfect combo of fun and Fitness where you get to dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it. Zumba is a combination of various types of music and dance styles from all over the world, put into a format to give you an effective workout with a lot of fun and smiles. Zumba is a great way to bust your stress and put you in a happy place. Dee guarantees you will be laughing throughout the session. Grab your towel, water bottle, shoes and some comfy wear and come join the fun with Dee for 60mins! It is not a dance class, it is a party! No one is judging you by your dance abilities just have fun and feel the music.

No prior experience is necessary. Beginners are warmly welcome!

Register for Dee’s Zumba Workout here!

Yoga, the secret to better overall health?
3:15-3:45 PM | FREE

Rekha Krishnamoorthy

Hatha Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach and Founder of Sathya Yoga and Wellness 

Rekha is a Hatha Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach who completed a 5-month residential teacher training program at the Isha Foundation in India in 2015. Rekha’s goal is to share the practice of yoga in its purity to truly benefit from the transformative and healing capabilities of a 5,000-year-old science.

Rekha founded Sathya Yoga & Wellness in 2016 and has since been conducting yoga and meditation classes and retreats in India and Sri Lanka. Her sessions are tailored to offer a solid foundation on how to perform yoga postures with the proper alignment, form and breathing, combining pranayama, bandhas, and meditation. 

She encourages students to develop their own practice for improved self-awareness, healing and emotional and physical balance. She teaches a variety of practices that offer a range of benefits addressing different needs for all levels. Whether you are looking for a deeply spiritual practice, or simply want to live a more healthy, fulfilling and physically active life, there is a suitable practice for everyone.

In this session, Rekha will debunk the common misconceptions of Yoga, explore the science behind it and help you discover the inner yogi within you!

Join Rekha to unlock the science and secrets of Yoga for your mental well-being at RESET 2022!

Meet the Psychologists

Dr. Augustine Dewaka Wanigaratne

Licensed Clinical Psychologist based in Dehiwala 

Diploma in Counselling, Bsc Hons in Psychology, Msc in Clinical Psychology, PhD/Post-Graduate PhD Scholar

Dr. Augustine Dewaka Wanigaratne is a licensed clinical psychologist based in Dehiwala. He is a practising Sri Lanka Medical Council Licensed Clinical Psychologist with five years of experience as a clinical psychologist and nine years of experience in counselling psychology and experience in working with a varied group of individuals from children to adults.

Join Dr. Dewaka’s Counselling Session!

Suvendrini Thambar 

Counselor and Psychotherapist

A person-centred Therapist with a particular interest in life transitions, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, relationship issues and special education therapy. Suvendri uses an eclectic form of therapy which includes CBT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing and Narrative Therapy. She believes in the counselling relationship being crucial to effective therapy and engages in a collaborative, therapeutic process, to bring about genuine change. 

Join Suvendri’s Counseling session!

Pashali Fernando

Clinical Psychologist & Group Consultant Psychologist at Brandix, Board Member for Women In Need

Peshali is a licensed Mental Health Clinician, educated in the USA, and with 20 years of experience working with Individuals, Couples, and Families with unique/challenging emotional/behavioural mental health
needs, adjustment issues, and severe mental illness. In addition, Peshali has expertise in working with women facing adjustment problems, including domestic violence, and is skilled in supporting and coaching people with work stress and work/life balance.

Peshali Fernando holds a Master of Science in Counselling from California State University, Hayward, USA where she also gained her Bachelor’s degree (Cum Laude). She is also a Licensed Mental Health Clinician (CA, USA). As a result of living in eight countries, Peshali’s approach encompasses a deep transitional and culturally sensitive understanding and an unbiased perspective, validating each individual/couples’ uniqueness within their family/community system.

Join Peshali’s Counselling Session!

Shanelle De Almeida 

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Group Wellness Manager at Hemas Holdings

Shanelle De Almeida is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist trained in the USA and host of The Mind Manager Podcast. She believes that we now live in an age where being diverse is valued rather than taught to be feared and ostracised. Through her work, she wants to contribute to this shift where wellness, innovation and human relationships are cultivated where we are proud of who we are in this unique world. 

Join her session at RESET 2022 to discover how men and women view love, relationships, and intimacy, and commitment!

Dr. Theonie Anthonisz 

Clinical Psychologist, Physician and Founder and Director at Angel Keepers Pvt Ltd 

A medical professional and Psychologist with over twenty years of experience in International and Local Business sectors. Dr. Theonie earned her Doctor of Medicine in the USA and UK before moving to Sri Lanka twelve years ago where she started working as a Counsellor and Senior Management Coach. She has worked with organizations like CTC, Hemas, MAS Linea Aqua to name a few.

Join Dr. Theonie’s Counselling session!

Pop Up Booths


Sri Lanka’s largest telemedicine company, covering over 200,000 lives across Sri Lanka, India and the Maldives. oDoc launched in 2017 with the primary goal of making healthcare easily accessible for all Sri Lankans by providing high-quality care online from the best doctors the country has to offer.


TASS was established in 2014 with the intention of building a healthier, stronger and happier community. They provide a complete wellness solution to individuals through their recreation program which consists of wellness programming nutrition advice, exercise prescription, physiotherapy, and recovery modalities.

Life With Amali

Amali Senanayake is a biofeedback therapist that believes in taking a holistic approach when seeking treatment for imbalances and choosing to live a more balanced lifestyle. What primarily distinguishes holistic healing apart from alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and integrative medicine is that physical health is not necessarily the main focus. At Holistic Healing with Amali Senanayake, they hold Healing Workshops, Seminars and Healing Sessions.


1948 began as a creative outlet, named after the year Sri Lanka gained independence, reflecting the desire to use Sri Lankan craftspeople and local raw materials. 1984 is a product line that has a strong Lankan feel to it while it is still a reflection of globalization.

Prana Lounge

Prana Lounge is a platform of holistic health, self-discovery, recovery, and relaxation. Offering a range of wellbeing and treatment modalities for prevention, healing, and cure. The space offers like-minded people such as practitioners, therapists, speakers, and seekers alike to meet, exchange and offer skills and services that align with a wellness lifestyle.

Sathya Yoga & Wellness

Sathya Yoga & Wellness offers a safe and nurturing space for self-transformation, through a holistic approach to wellness. They provide the tools for one’s ultimate well-being through yoga, pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda, nutrition, lifestyle balance, while addressing each individual’s needs and health concerns.

Why attend RESET?

The last two years have been proven to be incredibly difficult for many people. While we still grapple to return back to some form of normalcy and navigate through our exhaustion, uncertainty and stress — We at Kalyana felt it would be an ideal time for a Mental Health RESET!

RESET will take place on the 22nd of January, 2022. The objective of the event is to raise awareness on activities and habits that aid in enhancing our mental well-being, with an emphasis that forming a new habit is an ongoing process in our life’s journey and not a one-time event. 

We will have a variety of professionals showcase and speak about activities and self-care practices such as dance, yoga, art, music, exercise etc. and the benefits they bring to one’s life. Together we will talk about mental health, coping skills and relaxation strategies focused on our well-being. 

Covid 19 Guidelines

Please do not attend the event if you are feeling unwell and if you have/had any of the following symptoms, including cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, weakness, or headache, body ache within 14 days of the event.

If you have any further clarifications about this, you can contact the following hotlines: Hype Events at 0772992737 or Kalyana at 0777111133.

Please DO NOT attend the event if you are being tested or have tested positive for Covid-19, or are in contact/exposed to someone currently being tested or has tested for Covid-19 within 14 days of the event.

Please ensure to:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before every session.
  • Use the floor mat provided to sanitize your footwear.
  • Keep your distance; WHO recommended 3ft distance
  • Please wear a face mask during the entire event.
  • The session size will be limited to 10-20 people max. (depending on specific area of the venue) with substantial distance between each person.
  • Avoid touching your face as much as possible during the sessions; please bring a towel if you would like to wipe your face.
  • Please bring a towel if you would like to wipe your face.
  • Avoid touching others in the session.


Any surplus profits from the event will be donated to mental health causes within Sri Lanka.

For further inquiries, please contact the following hotlines: Kalyana at 0777111133 and Hype Events at 0772992737


GUILDHALL, Vajira Rd, Colombo 05