Nourishing the Mind, Body and Soul: A Journey through RESET 2024, a Holistic Wellness Fair Organised by Kalyana Sri Lanka

Written by: Sabeeha Azmi

The beginning of the year marked a refreshing start for health enthusiasts and wellness seekers as they gathered at the annual holistic Wellness Fair hosted by Kalyana Sri Lanka, held on 20th January. RESET 2024 was designed to promote a holistic approach to well-being, featuring a diverse array of engaging sessions, sharing circles, workshops, activities, speakers, and exhibitors catering to the mind, body, and spirit. 

RESET 2024 centered on 5 main themes for inner well-being: Replenish, Reinforce, Relate, Reclaim & Reinvent based on the concept of ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’ which explores the foundational elements of human well-being: ‘physiological,’ ‘safety & security,’ ‘love & belonging,’ ‘self-esteem,’ and ‘self-actualization respectively. Kalyana curated unique, engaging and transformative sessions addressing each of these 5 themes. 

Attendees could select from a diverse range of wellness practices and therapies to replenish, de-stress, reflect, heal, and deepen their connection with themselves. From practices rooted in tradition like yoga to sleep hygiene, lifestyle medicine, parenting and relationship workshops, art and dance therapy, trauma recovery, conscious connection, sharing circles, free counselling, and dance fitness; there was something for everyone. 

The day unfolded with excitement and anticipation, drawing individuals from diverse backgrounds, all united by a shared interest in holistic well-being. Upon entering the venue, one was greeted by a sense of tranquillity, a calm and soothing ambiance enveloping the atmosphere. The air was filled with soft notes of gentle music and the subtle aroma of essential oils and sweet-scented candles lingered in every corner, to promote relaxation and set the stage for a day dedicated to holistic well-being.  

RESET 2024 featured 22 wellness practitioners and was attended by over 200 individuals, with over 300 session tickets sold, highlighting a growing interest in our inner well-being and holistic wellness. Families, friends, and individuals took part in sessions together, browsed local wellness and food vendor stalls, joined in the drum circle and dance fitness session. The inclusive nature of the event created a space where people of all ages and walks of life came together.

Kalyana RESET 2024 was much more than a wellness fair; it offered a platform for individuals seeking healing and transformation for their mind, body, and soul, and served as a reminder that investing in one’s holistic well-being is an ongoing journey and one worth taking. Attendees left the event with knowledge, practical tools, and a renewed sense of inspiration to embark on their wellness journeys. As the interest in holistic health continues to grow, events like these play a crucial role in fostering a comprehensive approach to wellness in our communities. 

Kalyana would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who played a crucial role in making RESET 2024 happen. A shout out to our sponsors: Platinum Sponsors: Union Assurance, Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT), Mahesh and Shaila Amalean and Silver Sponsors: Sanjay Kulatunga and Sathya Yoga & Wellness. Thank you for being the driving force behind our successful Holistic Wellness Fair. Your support has made a difference in the lives of many, and we are truly grateful.

Kalyana would also like to thank the event partners for their invaluable support and commitment to holistic well-being which has left a lasting impact on all those who attended. Media Partner: Pulse, Event Partner: The Inner Reset, Mobility Partner: PickMe, Digital Partner: Echt Social and Radio Partner: Lite 87.8 FM.

For all those touched and inspired by their experience at RESET 2024, you are encouraged to sign up for future sessions with the wonderful practitioners by following Kalyana on Instagram @kalyanaslorg

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