What To Expect From A Therapy Session?

Before searching for a therapist it is better to know what to expect from therapy. Therapy is not a quick solution to fix all your problems. It is a gradual process that helps you to make sense of your experiences and find solutions. You should choose a therapist that is best for you based on what is important to you.

What to Expect from a Therapy Session:

Once you decide on a therapist, you can arrange and start sessions with them. In your first session, the therapist should explain the process, boundaries, confidentiality, and your rights and responsibilities. Here is what you should and should not expect from a typical therapy session:

The therapist should:

  • Get informed-consent from you to continue. 
  • Keep the relationship professional at all times. 
  • Share only limited personal information conducive to therapy
  • Stay attentive through sessions
  • Limit contact with clients outside therapy
  • Support the goals of the client
  • Acknowledge and refer clients outside their expertise. 
  • Promise confidentiality

The therapist should not:

  • Use too much technical jargon
  • Talk about their own experiences
  • Offer advice outright
  • Push personal agendas
  • Share personal perspectives/opinions to influence the client in any way or form

Things to Keep in Mind:

Confidentiality Is Key:

This ensures what you discuss remains only between you and your therapist. But, there are rare instances where information is shared to other parties. These should be detailed by the therapist.

As The Client:

You have the right to end therapy at any time You are expected to attend sessions on time You are expected to settle payments on time

A Good Therapeutic Relationship:

A successful relationship with your therapist includes good communication and mutual willingness to work together, along with an agreement on the goals of therapy and the methods used to reach those goals. A good therapist would allow you the space to progress at your own pace while focusing on achieving your goals.

After A Few Sessions:

If you feel as if the therapist you have chosen is not right for you, you have the right to cease working with said therapist and look for someone who suits you better. Therapy may not always be pleasant; yet, having the right therapist to work with can have a profound positive impact on your life in the long term.