Sepali Ranawana

I worked as an attorney for 30 years.
Often times I found friends and work colleagues coming to me talk about difficulties in their lives. I found myself listening giving my full attention but felt helpless to know what I could say to make a meaningful difference. And then I saw an advert offering a recognized qualification in counselling.
My life changed and my mind opened up.
But it was around 6 years later when I was reading Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss that a deep chord stuck within me and I understood that many a time the root of the problem was left undisturbed in my training as a counsellor.
A new door opened for me. It was an easy decision to leave my life as an attorney .
Fast forward the training in past life regression with Dr Brian Weiss at the most extraordinary Centre for Holistic studies, Omega Institute, and my own past life experiences opened another part of me which had been tightly shut;
the polar opposite of the rational, practical, critical mind that was me. It was TRANSFORMATIVE!
Two Years into my practice, I had this nagging feeling that I need to explore even deeper into the human psyche and stumbled upon a link to Dolores Cannon.
The experience was surreal. My perspective of the connection of body, mind and what lies beyond which some call the soul, spirit, consciousness or the subconscious and the depth of healing that can happen when one can
access these states took on a new meaning. I experienced my own physical healing through this process. I am aware of the non-finite.