Rajeeka Jenorge

I am Rajeeka Jenorge. I am a Psychologist as well a Remedial Therapist. I have completed my Degree in special needs at the Open University as well as Masters in Applied Psychology and Behavior Change at Cardiff Metropolitan U. K. Currently I am working as a specialist in education for preschool and primary age children as well as for special needs. Also I am a Visiting lecturer at the Open University as well as continues working with children, parents and teachers in the field of special needs. My experience in working with children starting from ages 1 1/2 to 27 years of age in the field of Special Needs for almost 11 years and 10+ years working montessori aged children as well. I am able to speak , read and write in Tamil, Sinhala and English which is an added advantage as it poses no barriers to those who want to contact and am able to provide her services to all those who need. I have been able to conducted a few workshops on “Creating and Implementing IEP’s” , “Introducing SNE to schools for Inclusive Education”. I have also been able to conduct T. V programs to advocate mental health and its effects targeting a wide audience in terms of age. My passion is to lead the new community to include everyone that we come across in life and accept them for who each one is. I enjoy working with parents, teacher and young adults in helping them find true happiness in life.