Natasha Yatawara

Natasha is a Yoga Alliance and Kundalini Research Institute Certified Yoga Instructor, Meditation Facilitator and Healing Guide, who believes unreleased pain and unresolved trauma stored in the physical body continue to resurface and manifest themselves in many forms of human suffering, and that this is universal to all.

Through a holistic approach of a combination of modalities including healing meditation, breathwork, yogic lifestyle and intuitively guided energy healing, she has brought ease to many individuals including burnt-out single parents, spouses dealing with divorce, and young adults dealing with anxiety and stress, to name a few.

Her practice is informed by Sutta, backed by science, and led by the Sacred, and is available to anyone irrespective of one’s religious or spiritual affiliation or inclination. The techniques used are non-intrusive, gentle, and safe for anyone able and willing to deep breathe and surrender.

Natasha offers gentle guidance walking alongside those who wish to embark on a transformative journey, into softness and deep healing within.

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Profile last updated: Thursday, 5 October 2023