Dilmi Weerasinghe

As a 14-year experienced professional counselor and a psychotherapist, I aim to support my clients in enhancing their self-awareness and their capabilities to reach their full potential while accepting the realities of life. I am there during their adversities in life actively listening to them, accepting and validating their life experiences while supporting and broadening their perspectives of life. In my approach, I use counseling, talk therapy, CBT, and Mindfulness-based therapies in a more friendly humanitarian manner allowing my client to feel safe and relaxed. As a mental health practitioner, I believe, the life challenges are the best teachers that we meet in our lives. Life Challenges help us discover new skills, jump into new experiences, and boost our well-being. If we’re feeling stuck in life, embracing new challenges gives us the opportunity to grow. New challenges can give us confidence boost our needs and encourage us to push further with our personal growth.