Self-Care Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms

Written by: Thrishala Gunathunga

Being a stay-at-home mom is a journey full of love, happiness, and many rewarding moments. It’s no secret, however, that such a job comes with its own set of problems, leaving little time for yourself. Juggling the responsibilities of children, household chores, and sometimes even working from home can be exhausting, making self-care appear to be a faraway luxury. While caring for your family is certainly important, it is also important to remember that you matter too! 

Therefore, this blog post will look at self-care tips for stay-at-home moms so that if you are one, it will help you find balance in the middle of motherhood’s everyday challenges. 

Establish a good routine. 

Set up a good routine and start your day with it to feel better about yourself. For example, before other family members wake up, you can schedule some alone time. It will make a significant impact in your life whether you are enjoying a hot cup of coffee, doing yoga, or simply listening to your favourite music. It will lower your stress levels and you are less likely to feel overwhelmed by the ongoing demands of parenting and household chores if you have a good routine. 

Have a daily me-time! 

Everyone needs a me-time to recharge a bit. Perhaps you’ve entirely forgotten about your interests while caring for and satisfying others, such as your husband and children. So, try to set aside at least 30 minutes every day for yourself. No distractions – you can try to do whatever you like, for example, after your children go to bed you can maybe read a chapter of a book or watch some TV series. 

Talk to other moms. 

You might find that everything is easier when you talk to other moms who have gone through similar experiences. You can maybe talk with them, meet them twice every month or so. Alternatively, you could join an online community/group designed exclusively for stay-at-home moms. This will decrease your feelings of isolation and loneliness while also improving your interpersonal skills. You can even ask for advice from other moms anytime you face a life challenge. Or simply talk about the joys of being a stay-at-home parent! Remember that being a stay-at-home mom does not have to limit your ability to enjoy life and interact with others. 

Share household responsibilities. 

You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Openly discuss household responsibilities with your husband and children. You can, for example, divide responsibilities like grocery shopping and bringing up children from school with your husband effectively. You can also allocate specific jobs to your children, such as watering the plants, making the table, and cleaning some dishes, to ease some of the pressure on your shoulders. 

Make healthy practices a priority. 

As a stay-at-home mom, you will often forget to take care of yourself first. For example, you may not have a regular sleeping schedule or the time to eat a balanced and nutritious meal. However, such healthy practices are important to maintain good general well-being. To get a good night’s sleep, try to keep to the same schedule for sleeping every day, or take a short power nap during the day after completing household chores. It is always important to have a balanced diet, remain hydrated, and occasionally enjoy anything you want (for example, chocolates or sweets). You can also exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, whether through yoga or a basic workout, and the best part is you can try it all out at home by watching YouTube videos! 

Recognize that you are doing your best! 

Doing a household chore, such as washing clothes may not feel like the best activity to enjoy. However, these are your accomplishments, and you are doing your best. So remember to enjoy the simple things since they will increase your self-esteem and general value in life. You can always treat yourself with a girl’s night out, movie time, or a little shopping for all that you do for others as a stay-at-home mom. 


Remember that taking care of yourself should not be a luxury while you explore the challenges of being a stay-at-home mom. It should not be something that you do occasionally. You also don’t have to feel bad about taking some time off for yourself. Therefore, make sure to follow these self-care tips. It will guarantee that you have a good general well-being and will help you be prouder of your motherly responsibilities. So don’t worry too much – you deserve to take some time for yourself every day!