The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast with Tabitha Farrar

This podcast covers all aspects of eating disorder recovery, from the science behind understanding what an eating disorder really is, to implementing effective and, above all, evidence-based treatment.

Podcast host Tabitha Farrar suffered from Anorexia from age 17 to 26 and then spent four years in recovery. She has now made a full recovery and lives a happy and full life. She has published a book called Love Fat outlining her recovery and explaining the often misunderstood concepts that underly this brain-based disease.

The podcast will range from interviews with ED experts, to parents, to adult sufferers, to how to manage child sufferers, to the latest research, to everyday musings. Host and producer: Tabitha Farrar Disclaimer: This podcast is not endorsed by any medical professionals. Tabitha’s opinions are her own.

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