In-Depth With Professor Richard Newton – Butterfly: Let’s Talk Season 2, Episode 8

Psychiatrist Richard Newton is an adjunct professor at Monash University, the clinical director of a large mental health service (that also serves as a teaching hospital) and serves on the boards of both Butterfly and Wandi Nerida, Butterfly’s residential treatment centre on the Sunshine Coast.

In this episode, he talks with Sam Ikin about how mental health conditions, including eating disorders, often co-occur. “One of the challenges of treating someone with an eating disorder is actually identifying the co-morbid mental health issues that we need to treat too.”

The problem is, when eating disorders are present, it can be challenging to figure out what else is at play. This is because some mental health issues are effectively mitigated or reduced by the eating disorder. The good news is that a new understanding of mental health in relation to eating disorders is helping to improve diagnosis and care.

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