In-Depth With Exceptional Sibling Jack Symonds – Butterfly: Let’s Talk Season 2, Episode 12

Jack Symonds never considered himself to be much of a swimmer. In fact, before deciding to swim the English Channel to raise funds for Butterfly, it was probably twelve years since he swam a single lap in a pool.

Jack is the sibling of a beloved sister who battled an eating disorder for close to ten years. “They say that people don’t get eating disorders, but families do”, he says. “And in my experience that was certainly true.” With this background, Jack was compelled to do something significant to support people with eating disorders, “Because every time someone receives proper care their life could be saved.” Jack’s swim also benefitted Black Dog Institute, an organisation that helped him when he was dealing with his own mental health issues.

What’s amazing is that he started out with a modest goal to raise $10,000, but instead raised more than $275,000. Listen to him talk to Sam about why he did it, what it was like, and what he learned from this epic and life-changing experience.

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