Dealing With Difficulties Accessing Care – Butterfly: Let’s Talk Season 2, Episode 3

It can take a lot of courage for someone living with an eating disorder to admit they need help. But all too often those who struggle are held back by a complex health system, a shortage of trained clinicians, GPs who don’t pick up on the warning signs, and the high cost of treatment. That’s over and above the usual stigma and myths surrounding eating disorders.

In this podcast, Imogen, Alex and Jeanette share their stories and how they pushed through to get the right help for themselves or their loved ones.

In addition, Dr Kim Hurst, President of the Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED) and Dr Gemma Sharp, creator of Butterfly’s chatbot KIT talk about how dedicated professionals are working to address the situation on behalf of us all. 

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