Body Dissatisfaction Starts Young: How Can We Change the Picture? – Butterfly: Let’s Talk Season 1, Episode 12

Studies tell us that if you struggle with body image as a young person, you’re more likely to feel that way as an adult. You also have an increased risk of developing an eating disorder. The troubling news is that more and more young kids are telling us they’re unhappy with their bodies and how they look.

How do parents avoid body dissatisfaction and eating disorders for their kids, especially if they have a lived experience themselves? It doesn’t help that kids are great imitators, often copying how we feel about our own bodies and food.  On the other hand, parents, teachers and other adults can also play a positive role in helping kids to accept the bodies they’re in. In this episode of Let’s Talk, we’re investigating how we can change the picture for kids.

Our host Sam Ikin speaks to eating disorder prevention specialist Danni Rowlands, Psychologist Nicki Isaacs, parents with lived experience Kelly Griffin and Anne Smith, and a devoted mentor to her nieces Nyabeni Naam about navigating the often tricky terrain of nurturing body acceptance in kids while keeping current with their own recovery.

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