Session 3b: Women’s Healing Circle

The past few months have been emotionally intense for us all. We invite you to an intimate sacred circle for women to come together, connect, be seen and be heard.

This is an opportunity for you to leave all your responsibilities and everything behind so that you can come back to your real self. There is nothing more powerful than coming home to yourself, in a circle of other women who are coming home to themselves too.

Together, we will begin on a journey of self acceptance and self expression. Helping you connect to the source of wisdom within yourself, because that is your anchor, your center. The Truth might be different for each person. But when we connect to our truth, and speak our truth, we OWN our truth, and in that we allow another to OWN their truth too.

As we begin this journey together, my intention for this circle is to provide a safe, sacred and supportive space for you to open up and come home to yourself. A space where we can embrace our light, and also embrace our darkness while expressing from the heart.

You can purchase your tickets on

November 13 @ 16:00
16:00 — 18:00 (2h)

Prana Lounge