Sathya Yoga & Wellness – Surya Kriya workshop in Kandy partnered with Sanatha Suwaya Meditation Center

Sathya Yoga & Wellness is excited to bring the first-ever Surya Kriya workshop to Kandy, in partnership with Sanatha Suwaya Meditation Center. This will take place between April 2-3rd, 2022.

If you have been looking at cultivating a yoga practice at home, join the workshop to learn the traditional Sun Salutation practice known as Surya Kriya: a powerful tool to bring complete harmony and balance to the body, mind, and soul. At the end of this 2-day workshop, you will learn a complete yogic practice including the sequence, breath, form, and alignment, and a deep relaxation technique. Surya Kriya is a powerful and comprehensive practice to transform your energies; bringing strength and stability to the body, and a serene stillness to the mind. For more details, please visit: and if you are interested in joining, Use the following link to register for the program:

April 1 @ 11:55
11:55 — 12:55 (1h)

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