Online Guided Meditation & Discussion

These sessions include a guided meditation, a short talk on our practice of the week, and some time for group discussion. There is no need to commit to every week, you can drop-in whenever you wish.

During these sessions, we will engage in various meditations from the Buddhist and other contemplative traditions. These meditations will help you to unwind, relax, let go of things like stress and anxiety, and cultivate positive minds such as patience, compassion, and equanimity. 

With a regular meditation practice, you will gain greater and greater peace of mind and discover a more positive approach to life, as well as improved levels of emotional and mental health. Meditation has numerous benefits for the health of both your body and mind, is easy to do, and something everyone can learn.

“Since nearly everyone living in the modern world is coping with an overload of thinking, remembering, and planning this may be just what the doctor ordered: a general prescription for soothing and healing overworked bodies and minds.” – B. Alan Wallace

The sessions are hosted through Google Meet (so that we can all see & chat to each other after the meditation). You will need a Google account to access the meeting, if you don’t have one it’s easy and free to create a Gmail account.

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March 19 @ 15:30
15:30 — 16:30 (1h)