Building Resilience: Help your Child Adapt and Thrive

As the new school year begins in earnest, it can feel overwhelming for children (and you!) to adjust to the new rhythm. Transitions can be difficult in the best of times, and the added uncertainty of uncontrollable events–like pandemic disruptions–can increase anxiety. Building resilience can help! Resilience is the ability to adapt to and bounce back from challenges, moving forward with optimism. Everyone is resilient to some degree, but it’s possible to strengthen your children’s resilience “muscles” (and your own) by exercising them.

This webinar shows how building resilience can ease the transition back to school and help your children thrive despite the uncertainties and changes they will face at school and at home. You will learn practical and evidence-based skills to encourage in your children as they move forward this year. The panelists are Dr. Mary Alvord, a child and adolescent psychologist, Dr. Dana Kornfeld, a pediatrician, and Dr. Beth Salcedo, an adult psychiatrist, all board members of the nonprofit Resilience Across Borders dedicated to increasing access to mental health resources for all children and adolescents.

September 21 @ 21:30
21:30 — 22:30 (1h)