DiscoverYOU – Self Love: Open your heart ~ let the love flow with Shobana Cooke and Dheeshana Ameresekere

Loving you as you are

Aimed at: Ages 18+

Guided Meditation with Tarot and Sound Bowl

Tarot holds up a kind mirror to look at yourself safely. Think of a Tarot as a tool for self-healing, one that gives you guidance for any situation in your life.

Combined with sound bowl healing and our guided tarot meditation, you will find a deep heart space healing so, you can journey towards finding the Grace of unconditional love. Come as you are, take what you need.

Guided Tarot Meditation led by Shobana Cooke along with Sound bowl healing led by Dheeshana Ameresekere

November 27 @ 17:00
17:00 — 18:00 (1h)

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