DiscoverYOU: Self Love- Moving Towards Embodied Self-Love with Ashley Fargnoli

A Movement based workshop nurturing our bodies’ relationship to self-love and compassion

Aimed at: Ages 18+

How do we experience love and compassion towards ourselves in our bodies? In this interactive and movement-based workshop, we will explore how we can access the often-hidden parts of ourselves that have been buried by societal, familial, and self-imposed expectations.

Our bodies are incredibly resilient and sometimes need a supportive nudge to access our internal strengths. Through gentle, guided movement in a safe space, we will have the opportunity to collectively foster awareness of self-love that we can nurture in our everyday lives.

What to expect out of this session:

  • Understanding how maladaptive patterns show up in the body
  • Exploring how we can begin to gently repattern our connection to ourselves through simple movement-based practices
  • Benefiting from a collective movement experience in a supportive space
  • No prior movement or dance experience required, come as you are
  • Please wear comfortable clothing for movement
December 10 @ 10:00
10:00 — 11:00 (1h)

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