DiscoverYOU: Heal – DeMystifing & DeToxing Relationships with Dr Dewaka Wanigaratne & Shanelle de Almeida *FREE*

Identifying and healing from toxic patterns and behaviors in relationships.

Aimed at: Ages 18+

Have you ever wondered why you are attracting some specific people in your lives who not only bring you down but also who make you forget who you really are and feel bad about yourselves? 

Why do we end up in toxic relationships? How many of us have ended up in toxic, unhealthy relationships, without even knowing that we are in one?  

Unfortunately, we don’t learn anything about relationships at school, so we have to navigate everything by ourselves, and most of the time the hard way: after we have been hurt, humiliated, rejected, betrayed, shamed, disappointed and even broken. ​

Join us and learn how to identify red flags, triggers and remove the toxic patterns from your relationships, personal or professional ones (partners, friends, colleagues, family members..) 

What to expect out of this session:

  • Identifying toxic behaviors and warning signs in your relationships both personal and professional
  • Techniques to communicate in more empathetic and harmonious manner
  • How can we enforce healthy boundaries and minimize the damage toxic behaviors can cause in our lives.
November 26 @ 16:00
16:00 — 17:30 (1h 30′)

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