Breath & Reiki

Experience deep relaxation and learn how to calm the nervous system through yogic breathing (Pranayama) and energy healing (Usui Reiki).

The powerful combination of breathing and Reiki can release stubborn blockages, activate your self-healing powers and increase your well-being.

This is done unusually gently, allowing you to intuitively travel through your energy points and move from thinking to feeling.

Your hosts @heyjudewellness & @balance.with.rahel are specialists in holding a safe space for you to relax and receive healing.

Special Promotional Rate – Rs. 2000 (Limited spots available)

Wilder’s Market, 445, Nawala Road, Nawala.

Info and Booking: Rahel +41 79 862 08 58

August 26 @ 18:00
18:00 — 20:00 (2h)

Wilder’s Market